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Become a volunteer

Do you want to mobilize your skills and energy?

Consult ourvolunteer offers

In what framework?

Depending on the mission you choose,

you will be a volunteer from home, and organize yourself as you wish!

or you will have in-person meetings, which require travel.

You will be part of the Project team and will work together with the Team Leader.

Your responsibilities will be real and your missions will vary according to your strengths and desires. Commitment is not an illusion with us! You can raise your hand at any time and share your ideas, your feelings, your vision, always with kindness and with a view to sharing and mutual aid (and presto, you will find our values here!)

During the week of the Summit, you will be able to meet the Elders, take part in a historic event and live an unforgettable experience!

What you will like:

You will be independent and supported in a group of people sharing responsibilities. We love the spirit of conviviality and sharing. 

The work is very collaborative. We promote mutual aid and taking initiatives. 

All ideas are welcome, so it's your personality that will make the difference!


What this adventure will bring you:

It will be a truly enriching human adventure within a project team determined to make this Summit an unforgettable event.

Weekly meetings are organized by team to determine the objectives of the week. 

Thanks to the monthly meeting, you will be kept informed of the progress of the projects and the successes of the association.

Thanks to team-building events, you will be able to meet, share, discuss and have fun with all the volunteers (not just those in your group).

And of course continue to learn, grow, practice while serving the noble cause.


We are very touched by your many proposals to support our teams.

We have requirements for des 

  • Remote mission (from your home or other, with tools such as telephone, computer)

  • Mission in person (going to the field, in Montreal or in the Laurentians between June 12 and 19, 2023)

Communication, graphics, video

Immediate availability until June 2023

Within the communication department, you will work as a team with the current communication officers. 

• Develop communication actions:   Design and production of communication media for the site, the social networks of the Summit, in line with the strategy of the organization and the objectives targeted
• Develop a monthly newsletter: Creation and distribution for members, thanks to an information watch  
• Develop a network of partners, in particular journalists who will enable it to effectively relay its communication actions
• Management of the website: In connection with the webmaster, creation and development of the site; update and power  
• Management of social networks: Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Creation of posts, stories

• Production of our video content: from recording to editing, participate in giving visibility to our activities and our advocacy


Collection (money, food, etc.)

Immediate availability until June 2023

We are looking for people able to help us with the search for funding:  

  • Define, develop a strategy

  • Find partnerships

  • Recruit and retain donors

  • Implement donation campaigns on social networks Respond to calls for projects and/or grant applications


Translation - proofreading in English and Spanish

Immediate availability until June 18, 2023

Join the communication team to translate our content from French to English and/or to Spanish and vice versa ; proofread the English and/or Spanish translations. Participate in the dissemination of our messages to English- and Spanish-speaking communities.


Reception, Transport, First Aid, Health, Care

Available from February 1 to June 19, 2023

Several positions are to be filled. We will get back to you shortly with the details.

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