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the kina8at center

On May 21, 2018, we were able to say “Home at last!" through the purchase

of a 400,000 square meters lakeside lot in La Conception,

near Mont-Tremblant (Laurentian region, Quebec).

We have been looking for this rare pearl for years and it has finally come to us: extremely well located in the forest, with a beautiful lake for canoeing,

lots of land for our constructions, hiking trails and tranquility.


The next steps

We are now continuing to work with our funders on the construction of the large buildings, leading to the creation of the Cultural and Healing Center we have always dreamed of.

A little more about the project

The many people involved in the development of Kina8at are inhabited by a desire for reconciliation, healing and rapprochement between peoples. This impulse is rooted in the work of the organization's co-founders, Dominique Rankin and Marie-Josée Tardif, who have worked for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people for several decades.

Their vision is to create a place where Kina8at can fully flourish and where more people can discover the immense richness of Indigenous cultures.


Aware of the distress experienced in many indigenous communities and the growing need for new generations to finally find their identity, our efforts patiently point to reconciliation in all its forms. In fact, the Kina8at project corresponds in many respects to the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that we have experienced in recent years in Canada.


Your financial contribution will enable Kina8at to build a center for the transmission of Indigenous cultures, while allowing Indigenous people to regain the joy of life and pride of their ancestors.


Pay it forward by giving to the First!

Faire un don à l'organisme Kina8at

It's happening! In 2019, we began operations at the Kina8at Centre, located in La Conception in the Laurentians (Quebec). We are now working very hard to grow this enchanting site.


Your support - be it financial or logistical - will help us make this place a unique hub dedicated to Indigenous cultures.

Our beautiful teaching room at the Kina8at Center
In a canoe on our lake on the Kina8at center site in the Laurentians in summer in Quebec
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