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first nations groups

TE8EKAN STAYS FOR Indigenous groups or families

A deep knowledge of cultures, philosophy, traditional ways of life and several indigenous languages.

Living experience of Indian Residential Schools. Experience of many years with the various Indigenous clienteles, whether on or off-reserve, in government departments or community settings...

All these criteria make Kina8at's expertise a must for the organization of
programs tailored to meet the needs of Indigenous people.

Take care of your heart
& Rediscover the pride of your ancestors

With the support of Indigenous Services Canada, we are pleased to announce this new traditional support program. The objective is to enable members of indigenous families impacted by physical, psychological or emotional violence to:

  • Strengthen their family ties

  • Rediscover the pride of their ancestors

  • Reconnect with their identity

And this, during stays of healing and cultural reconnection of quality. To do this, we offer different types of stays:

  • Tailored

  • Our new Te8ekan courses

These reconnection trips for indigenous groups are aimed at :

  • Members of the same family

  • Any other group in need of support

And it can be free for you!

Check with our Executive Manager at Kina8at:

Marie-Joelle Tremblay

First Nations group during Te8ekan Stays, at the Kina8at Center in the Laurentians in Quebec
Two indigenous girls during Te8ekan Stays, at the Kina8at Center in the Laurentians in Quebec

Te8ekan programs supported by:



La mission de Kina8at étant de favoriser la reconnexion culturelle, tous les enseignements sont donnés gratuitement pour les Autochtones qui en font la demande.

En tant qu'Autochtone, tu es donc le / la bienvenu.e à tous les stages de ressourcement également. ​

N'hésite pas à te joindre à une de nos activités et venir profiter du site de Kina8at !

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