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Kina8at makes sure to offer schools enriching activities that respect the values and traditions of the First Nations.

For us, it is important to meet the students, but also the teaching staff and school principals. This is why we offer a range of workshops and awareness days designed specifically for these different clienteles.

for primary & secondary students:


Thanks to the involvement of various Aboriginal artists, we offer dance workshops punctuated by moments of interaction with the students. The artist explains why he/she chose to reconnect with his/her Aboriginal origins through dance and gives simple information on the history of his/her nation. The workshop ends with moments of singing and dancing with the whole group.

An activity that enriches and refreshes!

Ivanie Aubin-Malo indigenous Maliseet dancer in Quebec schools by Kina8at

Students will learn about the meaning of the talking stick, used in all Aboriginal traditions. They will make and decorate their own talking stick that they can use later.

An educational craft activity!

Talking stick making
Sagabone_2017_Julia_Stringhetta_Part3 (28).jpg
Indigenous language courses

Students are encouraged to immerse themselves in Aboriginal culture by learning the language, art, culture and traditions of a particular nation.

Courses in Anicinape (Algonquin) and Atikamekw can be offered!

medicine wheel

The student will learn the basis of Aboriginal culture through the medicine wheel, present in all Aboriginal traditions. He/She will make his own medicine wheel according to the teachings received.

An educational craft activity!

Dreams Catcher

The student will learn the meaning of the dreamcatcher and the legends surrounding it. He/She will make his own dreamcatcher according to the teachings received.

An educational craft activity!

Bannik and cedar herbal tea

The student will learn how to make bannik , a traditional native bread. He/She will taste this bread and taste the cedar tea, two elements that are part of the Algonquin tradition.

A stimulating discovery activity for neurons and taste buds!

Indigenous culture

An Aboriginal elder comes to talk about his culture, traditions, community life and various other subjects depending on the age and the context of the course. He/She answers the students' questions with pleasure, because this is how the oral tradition of the Aboriginal peoples is perpetuated.

An educational discovery activity where laughter is guaranteed!


for teachers & management teams:

Now that we are teaching the History of Canada differently in our institutions, are we really sure that we are transmitting a teaching that is faithful to the Aboriginal reality?

The awareness days set up by Kina8at provide a powerful and rejuvenating incursion into the world of the First Nations. Masterfully led by T8aminik Rankin and Marie-Josée Tardif, elders of the Algonquin tradition, this meeting will forever transform your vision of our common history, between Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals of this country. 

aboriginal awareness day
Marie-Josée Tardif et T8aminik Rankin avec sa coiffe de chef héréditaire Anicinape (Algonquin) pendant une conférence via Kina8at
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