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healing courses

live the native philosophy
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Healing courses rooted in native culture and philosophy are consistently offered at our site in La Conception, near Mont-Tremblant.

Some of these workshops follow specific themes. Some are open to everyone, and some are for more advanced participants. The majority include the extraordinary Matato (sweat lodge) ritual guided by Grandfather T8aminik (Dominique) Rankin.


Below are the next dates of our healing stays and the different themes covered.

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Upcoming refresher courses:

Battement de coeur

Approfondir notre relation avec le tambour - 1er au 3 juin 2024


Vie de nomade en forêt - Du 17 au 20 août 2024

Stage Capteur de rêves

Le pouvoir et les symboles des rêves

Stage de fabrication de tambours

Te8ekan - Du 14 au 16 février 2025

Stage de ressourcement - Leadership

Stage de ressourcement - Leadership

Stage de ressourcement Mikinak

Retraite de 4 jours en silence - Du 27 au 29 août 2024 (condensé sur 3)

Stage de ressourcement Nijin Manto (Deux-Esprits)

Pour personnes trans, non binaire, queer, en questionnement et deux-esprits - du 18 au 20 juin 2024

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Stage de ressourcement mixte

Une rencontre profonde avec soi-même dans la tradition Anicinape

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Stage de ressourcement pour femmes

Amoureuse, maternelle et guerrière - du 31 août au 2 septembre 2024

Stage de ressourcement pour femmes - avec méditation guidée

L’intériorité, notre plus grande force - du 22 au 24 juin 2024

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Stage de ressourcement pour hommes

Anokiwini - Du 4 au 6 juillet 2025

Tout sur le Tipi

Une expérience unique sur le thème du Tipi


at resourcing courses



“A moment of great transformative power. Encounter with oneself, with the other, with nature and with an age-old culture that has so much to teach us. I hope you meet Marie-Josée and Dominique. Your heart will be touched forever. »

​- Stephanie -

“I want to thank you for the teaching I received. I did not imagine the depth of it. The Matato was for me a starting point. But I prefer, "a rebirth", as you say. And that's true. We are reborn! »

​- Alain -

“I had this experience in the spring. What is that ? First, a meeting with oneself, a connection with mother-earth, a thorough cleaning of heart and mind. What it brings: A simple, beautiful and good outlook on life. A respect for what and those around us, strong and authentic ties. If you have the taste, take advantage of this chance, you will be happy, guaranteed! »

- Julie -


“Chomis Dominique Rankin has the best sweat lodges I have ever attended because he does so within the context of three days of teachings and other ceremonies. We are lucky because the ceremonies have survived despite colonialism, and because some elders like Chomis actively share them with everyone. Chi meegwetch, Chomis! It is a real work of reconciliation. »

 - Scott -

Stage de ressourcemen
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