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Box of medicine cards


Box of medicine cards and booklet on the precious teachings of the animals of the forest, according to the hereditary chief anicinape Dominique Rankin

Vega Editions (at Guy Trédaniel)



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  • For the first time, the Algonquin hereditary chief Dominique Rankin reveals to us the oral teachings that have been transmitted for generations among his people on Animal Medicine. 

    ​ Whether furry or scaled, winged or creeping, animals have something to teach us. They all have a role to play. They talk to us about our pain, both physical and psychological, and help us through their medicine.

    ​ Accompanied by his grandson Noten, Comis Dominique takes you on an initiatory journey to meet the spirits of the forest.

    ​ This box contains:

    • 44 beautifully illustrated cards

    • An accompanying 280-page full-color booklet

    • A beautifully embellished cotton bag to protect your cards


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