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Même si notre nouveau centre est situé à La Conception, prière d'utiliser cette adresse de correspondance / Even though our new center is located in La Conception, please use this mailing address:


C.P. 2 

Succursale St-Eustache

St-Eustache, QC

J7R 4K5


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For the JOY of SHARING

with all Nations 




inner journeys

training programs


 KINA8AT, a nonprofit organization, offers a range of training programs inspired by First Nations’ philosophy and traditions focusing on consciousness-raising and healing.


Thanks to the multiple talents of our training team, we offer various activities for professionnal, school and Native environments, as well as activities for all of you who are interested on a personnal basis. 

Discover our 



for the first nations

Healing workshops

Cultural teachings

Training for young leaders



Inner Journeys 

Canoeing Adventures

Activities for all the familly




Awareness Workshops

Leadership Programs

Inner Journey Workshops


for school environments

Awareness workshops

for teachers

Cultural activities for all ages

coming soon

A day for all the family in La Conception

On September 28th, Chomis T8aminik and part of the Kina8at team will offer free activities as part of the Journées de la Culture.    On the program: Sunrise Ceremony,  Conference and familly workshops. All these activities are FREE and will take place at the old church of La Conception, near Mont-Tremblant.

Esipan Language camps

This Winter our Anicinape camps for beginners and intermediate were another success, thanks to our great teacher Anna Mapachee, as well as our elders Oscar Kistabish and T8aminik Rankin.  

These activities are given in French and ​with the sponsorship of Heritage Canada, they are completely free of charge!

We will soon be ready to take your registrations for the next camps. This time, we will even add atikamekw language camps. Suscribe to our newsletter to keep being posted.

Creativity Workshops

Kina8at also allows the learning of the arts and indigenous know-how.  


As part of our "Kina8at en ville" activities, come to our beading, moccasins, medicine bags or dream catchers workshops. These teachings are offered by Kokom Jocelyne Laroche in Montreal and Ste-Agathe des Monts.


And do not miss our future birch bark basket workshops with Chuck Commanda!

Inner Journey Workshops

Grand-father T8aminik regularly offers inner journey workshops in Quebec and abroad, with his female counterpart, Grand-mother Marie-Josée Tardif. These workshops are intended for those who wish to deepen their experience of the Anicinape (Algonquin) philosophy and traditionnal medecine.

During the "Matato" workshops, you will dive into the heart of Indigenous teachings, share our ceremonies, keep the sacred fire and above all, you will take the time to meet yourslef again!

N.B.: These workshops will be lead in French, but you can speak in English if it is more confortable for you. Groups can also be organised in English on request.

"No-guilt weekends" just for mums

Do you ever feel that you sometimes need a break from your mother universe? Rachel L'Abbé advocates the creation of a mother's life without complex, happy and imperfect. In the company of Kokom Marie-Josée Tardif, these "no-guilt retreats" are ideal for young mums who want to offer themselves some time for softness and rest. A time to take a step back, to see more clearly in oneself and to join together between women.

N.B.: These workshops will be lead in French, but you can speak in English if it is more confortable for you.

Ki8etan: A journey back home

We are so happy to be able to walk this path with you! The first cohort Ki8etan 2-France is complete, but there is still time to register for the following departures:



  • Ki8etan 1-France: Fall 2019

  • Ki8etan 2-Québec: Fall 2019 (for the participants of our courses who have already made their sacred drums with us)

  • Ki8etan 1-Quebec: Summer 2020

Series of Workshops in Europe

T8aminik and Marie-Josée, Kina8at's cofounders, regularly travel to Europe for workshops and conferences. Most of the time, their tours take place in Spring and Fall.


In 2019-2020, they will be in France, Switzerland, Italy and Martinique.

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3good reasons
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  1. Getting to know each other at last, after 500 years of cohabitation

  2. Celebrate First Nations' cultural wealth and diversity

  3. Allow an entire people to stand up and walk again proudly


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By lending a hand all together, it will fly with its own wings and evolve according to everyone's talents and efforts.

SUPPORT the construction of the future Kina8at Cultural Center

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