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Student job

The KINA8AT Organization is  to the  research  

a technician in ethnocultural activities  and outdoors

for the summer period.


About Kina8at


Based  by  them  elders  algonquins  Dominica  (T8aminik)  Rankin  and Marie-Josée Tardif, the Organization  Kina8at aims to transmit Aboriginal culture, both among First Nations members and among customers of all origins. Kina8at organizes cultural, ecotourism and social activities related to the following themes:


Culture and Traditions | Well-being and Reconciliation

Indigenous ecotourism


Where are we based?

We have a base in the Laurentians region,  but the activities of Kina8at  are essentially “nomadic”. So you will follow us during the summer to the four corners of Quebec, in  diversity  of activities  For example :


  • Canoe expeditions in Algonquin territories;

  • Cultural activities at the Jardin des  First Nations in Montreal;

  • Resourcing internships in  Laurentians and Outaouais;

  • Cultural activities in the Bas St-Laurent.


Your tasks and responsibilities will be:

Assist Kina8at elders and leaders in the following tasks:

  • Ensure the organization of material resources necessary for the conduct of activities;

  • Assist in the maintenance of facilities and equipment;

  • Welcome customers;

  • To accompany  and animate  the  customer base ;

  • in the various activities of the organization;

  • Design and develop programs;

  • To plan  them  activities  and the  calendar  of activities.


We are looking for a student (primarily Aboriginal)

  • Aged between 18 and 30;

  • Enrolled as a full-time student in the course  of the year and who plans to return to full-time studies;

  • Who is following a secondary, post-secondary, CEGEP (Quebec only), vocational or technical program.


Field of study (desirable but not essential)

  • Technique in leisure, recreation, ethnology.

  • All  other job  non-specialized  in leisure,  full  air  and entertainment.

That  are you interested?

write to us  at : 

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