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Aigle Quetzal Condor
Aigle Quetzal Condor

A new balance for humanity

In these troubled times where conflicts and environmental disasters are on the rise,

bearers of indigenous cultures in North, Central and South America

know it's time to get together.

The Aigle-Quetzal-Condor Summit event will be held in June 2023.

Representatives from North, Central and South America will spend six days together, including two days with the public at the Montreal Botanical Garden.

The objective: mobilization of indigenous spiritual leaders from the Americas (North, Central and South) as well as intercultural and intergenerational sharing for reconciliation and healing.

The Eagle-Quetzal-Condor Summit will also allow the full and complete recognition of indigenous spiritual traditions in the world, in the joy and respect of Mother Earth, to promote reconciliation between all Nations.

In preparation for the Summit, elders from the South and the North
gathered at La Conception last November.
A series of videos was created following 
of this three-day meeting...
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La mission
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Aigle Quetzal Condor


to celebrate cultures, arts and sharing

The Aigle-Quetzal-Condor Summit has two key moments:


A day of festivities and unique meetings with more than 60 Elders,

artists and cultural transmitters from various nations

including the Anishinabek, Innu, Cree, Inuit, Maya and Aztec.



10am to 12pm: Grand Ceremony
The grand ceremony will be led by Anishinabe hereditary chief Dominique Rankin, accompanied by Elder Lesvia Vela, Ajqu'ij Maya, representative in Canada of Rigoberta Manchu, 1992 Nobel Peace Prize winner from the Mayan community of Guatemala. The mistress of ceremony will be Anne-Marie Lyrette, administrator of the Kina8at organization.


More than 60 dignitaries, elders, wisdom bearers and artists from North, Central and South America will be present for the grand ceremony and during the day. 


During the ceremony, artists will be present to share their traditional songs and dances: the Inuk throat singer, Nina Segalowitz, the Buffalo Hat Singers and dancers from the North and South (Ivanie Aubin Malo: Wolastoqewi (Maliseet) dancer, Sam Ojeda: dancer from the Yoreme Nation of Mexico, Gabriel Garcia: Aztec dancer from Mexico).



12:00 pm to 1:00 pm: The public is invited to picnic in the dedicated areas of the Botanical Garden



1:00 pm to 3:00 pm: Discovery workshops for young and old 



List of workshops :
- Workshop on health and Mayan cosmo-vision (including the Mayan calendar)
- Workshop on the making of the talking stick and experience of the talking circle
- Workshop on traditional dances and songs
- Workshop on baking bannik (traditional bread) on a wood fire
- Native Mexican cooking workshop
- Intimate sharing with elders from different spiritual traditions
- Native language workshop
- Workshop - Maya Popti Marimba Players



Artists performing in the afternoon:
- The Buffalo Hat Singers, traditional drum group
- Traditional dancers: Ivanie Aubin Malo, Sam Ojeda, Gabriel Garcia
- Marimba players, from the Maya-Popti lineage

Join us for a day of festivities, joy and sharing!


Entrance to the AQC Summit Flight:   

Those who show up on June 18, 2022 at the Botanical Garden box office with a Kina8at bracelet or necklace will be granted free admission on the day.  

1 "Kina8at" jewel = access for 1 person (The jewel must be identical to those on the pictures)
To get a "Kina8at" jewel:   
Go to the Kina8at store  
Order your jewel before June 7, 2022 to have it for the Flight. The sum of the sales of the "Kina8at" jewels will be used to support the organization of the Eagle-Quetzal-Condor 2023 Summit.  
For all other questions, contact:  

2. AQC Summit - June 13 to 18, 2023 | More details to come 

Translated with (free version)


2. AQC Summit - June 13-18, 2023 |  More details to come  

Presented by

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Aigle Quetzal Condor

The campaign of


In order to finance the activities, we have started fundraising by

the sale of bracelets, necklaces and exclusive videos.













Your support is greatly appreciated!  

Do not hesitate to consult our Facebook page for more information!  


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The Aigle-Quetzal-Condor summit


  Simplicity, Traditions and Sharing

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