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activities for professional environments

The remarkable interpersonal skills and wisdom of living together of indigenous traditions are most valuable to organizations today. This is what several companies and

institutions have understood by calling on our services.

Our trainings are customised according to your goals, but here are some

conferences and trainings that continue to prove their worth.

ANICINAPE : Awareness to the indigenous world

Anicinape training in a professional environment awareness of the indigenous world by Kina8at Marie-Josée Tardif

This day (or half-day) of training is a must for all professional circles!


Very powerful and gentle, it allows to become aware of the realities of indigenous peoples who have experienced the difficulties of colonization, while at the same time discovering the indigenous wisdom of interpersonal skills and living together. This downtime, where we dive into the heart of the indigenous universe, allows us to reconnect with the Anicinape in us: the authentic human being, in harmony with nature.


This meeting is offered as a duo by T8aminik Rankin and Marie-Josée Tardif. It begins with a powerful scenario: "the Circles Exercise". Enriched by T8aminik's testimony on Indian residential schools, this training leaves no one indifferent and has been a huge success in all professional circles where it goes.

Canoe expeditions

for businesses

Canoe Expedition for Business by Kina8at

Dominique Rankin (cofounder of Kina8at) often explains: "My father passed on the « medecine » to me, instead of "power". For us, Okima -  the true chief - knows that we are all interdependant. This is why he works for the common good. Okima does not speak with the voice of politics. He speaks the language of Nature.This  quote sums up the central theme of this expedition. 


Our canoe adventure can last from 4 to 6 days according to your needs. We visit a Native reserve (on Algonquin or  Atikamekw territory). Then we head further North. We canoe deap into the land, like our ancestors did for thousands of years. We choose easy to paddle rivers, but we go deep enough into the forest for a complete change of scene.

Like our nomad ancestors, we discover the real meaning of leadership and community. Like them, we start living in harmony with Nature and ourselves.


When ancient wisdom inspires today's leaders...


conscious Leadership

Maison des Leaders in France during Okima training on leadership by Kina8at

1) CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP: Feminine and Masculine

  • The notion of "Chief" according to Native culture

  • Feminine-Masculine balance

  • Let the authentic leader emerge from within

  • Finding balance in an accelerated world

  • Slow down, reflect, feel and listen: the "Turtle Revolution"

2) LEADERSHIP and COMMON GOOD: From the Pryamid to the Circle

  • Going from I and YOU, to US

  • From a pyramidal to a circular functioning

  • Impactful exercice on the loss of the "Circle" in our organizations and in our lives in general

  • Reconcile inner-life and action in the world

  • Coming back to "Being"  vs "Having" and "Knowing"

KINA8AT - Prevention of psycho-social risks

National Gendarmerie of France which followed a psychosocial risk prevention program given by Kina8at

Over the years, we have developed a very effective approach for managers and other workers who have to play a support or accompanying role. This program minimizing psychological risks in the workplace can be offered in a condensed two-day seminar or on twice a year workshops.



  • Creating a space allowing to step back from the everyday stress;

  • Developing a new relationship mode in the workplace;

  • Generating a tremendous cohesion force between co-workers;

  • Providing useful basis on living-together skills and a body-heart-spirit approach that the participants can reproduce in their professional context as well as their personal life;

  • Allowing a better understanding of vulnerable groups (ethnic minorities, new entrants, poeples souffering from the effets of colonisation, famillies and individuals in difficulty).


How is the sacred fire burning within you? Have you ever felt this flame at the core of your being? If you know your passions and if your daily life is meaningful, how is your fire doing? Does it slowly start to extinguish? Do you feed it well? Does it burn too much?

Our Ickote (pronounce Ishkote) program is intended for individuals or teams needing to:

  • Get to know themselves better;

  • Understand what motivates and inspires every human being;

  • Define their essence;

  • Gain self-esteem and faith in their abilities;

  • Give a meaning to their work.

IshKOTE - The sacred fire within

TESTIMONIALS from customers of conferences in organizations

"I joined at the last hour of the web conference with Dominique and Marie-Josée. I am overwhelmed with happiness, joy and it is so beautiful and inspiring! What a beautiful call to life, to the fullness of oneself. I feel so privileged and at the same time so small when I look at all that I have to aspire to! Thank you for giving us access to such teachings. It was the first time I was meeting them, and I hope so much that it was not the last. "

Valérie Lavoie

Pres. and Operations Manager,

Desjardins General Insurance Group

“We conducted a survey with Parcours Relève members to find out their appreciation of the program. Again this year, you are in the FAVORITES of our participants. You have been remarkable and so transformative for all these young leaders. For that, we still want to say thank you, thank you, thank you, for being our FRIENDS! "


Michelle alarie

Maison des Leaders

“The links we forge are enriched and the work we will have to do in the Gendarmerie institution will in turn be enriched, in a way of which we do not yet suspect the scope. Your presence and your contribution are infinitely precious. "

Nicolas Chapard, psychologist

National Gendarmerie - France

“Your session was a real success. Your words and your messages have resonated throughout the week. Know that you have had a great impact on a whole community of human beings! "

Diane Houle-Rutherford, MA

“I owe it to myself and to you to convey all my gratitude for this wonderful meeting. I have already received several calls from participants telling me about their great joy at having lived such privileged moments, and especially of such great inspiration. You have known, by your natural simplicity and your truth, to reach the hearts of all, including mine. "


Serge Leclerc, President



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